Your Story

You have invested your knowledge, time, energy and passion to create something that will enhance the lives of other people.
May it be a service, a product or an event: you have created it with your own two hands.
And now it’s time to tell the world about it.



Your target groups

We know the goal, right? Your story should reach out to anyone to whom it is relevant.
But nobody wants to feel like a pitchman on the weekly market, shouting out: “Buy my stuff!”
This may work for some products and some customers on some markets.
But especially when your market is either a small niche or bigger than regional (national, international or even global) - this strategy will simply exhaust you and get your business nowhere.

In order to be able to reach all the right people, you will need to know who all those "right people" are.
Together we will identify ...


Your customers

They are your motivation. They will benefit from your work and in return they will make sure that it pays off for you.

Your employees

The current ones as well as those who are to come - they are an important part of your story.
Whether it is only 1 person or 100 people.

Your partners

They will help you spreading your unique story as soon as you have become an active part of their network.

Your storytelling

You know WHAT you want to tell. And you know WHO you want to tell it to. But: HOW?
What kind of pictures and words express the passion behind your work and will also attract your target groups? With what actions and through what channels can you reach your audience? Who are the right media partners within your industry? How could you establish and shape collaborations?
That’s what I can help you with: developing a strategy, writing or editing text, designing advertising material or building up your communication.
Together we will tell your story and shape your brand.