Välkomna till bloggen av en tysk egenföretagare som bor i Sverige.
Tyska är mitt modersmål. Min franska är lite ur form. Och jag är fortfarande på gång att läsa svenska.
Jag valde engelska som språket till bloggen, men vem vet: jag ska kanske posta flerspråkig någon dag…

Do you believe in destiny?

“When I grow up, I want to work at a newspaper – just like my mum. I want to write great articles and take nice pictures. I want to travel a lot and get to know many people. Maybe I will even move to another country. Like my mum. You know: she has lived in New York for a while…”

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My top 5 sources of online inspiration

“Hey, how do you like the headline? I’m not really sure whether it fits the image. What do you think?”
– No answer. Not a single word. Neither a sigh, a smile or the raise of an eyebrow that I could take as a feedback.
For nothing.

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Why I just do my thing

You surely have that one thing that you love to do. That one thing you always wanted to do - everyday - because it simply makes you happy.  Think of that one thing you would choose to do if you had the chance to do it - right now. Think of a moment when doing it made you feel perfect. When it made you forget about the past and the future.

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How coffee happened to me

“Once you enter the speciality coffee business, you will stay in there for life.” That’s what the woman said who recruited me for the sales department of the German grinder manufacturer in Hamburg. Was that supposed to be a threat or a promise?

However, 8 years later on, I can only agree with her.

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