Why I just do my thing

You surely have that one thing that you love to do. That one thing you always wanted to do - everyday - because it simply makes you happy.

Think of that one thing you would choose to do if you had the chance to do it - right now. Think of a moment when doing it made you feel perfect. When it made you forget about the past and the future. You felt freed from the sad memories of yesterday and relieved from the worries about tomorrow. All you felt was yourself and the space around you in that particular moment.

Doing it might result into something. A piece of work, something useful or maybe doing it entertains others – but that doesn’t matter at all. In the moment you’re doing it, your motivation to do it, is not the result. Your motivation is just doing it. And that’s what makes you feel perfect.
This is the only perfection you can ever experience in life.
Because other people will always have different individual perceptions of the world. No one will ever see through your eyes. No one will ever feel the moment the same way as you feel it. Not even yourself.
You know it: yourself in 5 minutes might already have a totally different feeling than yourself has right now.

Then: think of the first time you did your thing. Or let’s say: think of the time you started learning to do it. Did you have a teacher or mentor? Did you train yourself? It might have taken some time before you got the hang of it, right? But you felt, that this was your thing and that there would come a day when you’ll be good at it.
And yes, that day came.

When I get to know new people – may it be private or in business – I like to ask them what their thing is. Then I ask them how they started with it.
And what happens next, feels like magic to me. No matter how boring or stiff our conversation might have been before, this would be the turning point. A smile appears on the face of my encounter as he reflects that one moment he got into contact with his thing for the first time. Some people might even start to laugh when they think of themselves failing with their first attempts. They start to describe their experiences in the most vivid ways using their voices and their entire bodies to express their stories.

For quite a long time I was not able to name my thing. Some people called me a writer. Some called me a creative person. Some called me a storyteller.
But nothing of that felt like “my thing”.

Writing is an important thing. I like writing. But I would not call myself an author. Though some people still expect me to write a book someday, I do not think this is going to happen. I don’t feel as if a could fill up a whole book with words.
… or could I?

Being a “creative person” sounds nice. But I personally believe that creativity is a natural part of all people. There might be a few who use their creativity more than others. But there are definitively no un-creative people in this world. So, my thing is certainly a creative thing. But “being creative” it not the thing itself.

How about the “storyteller”? Well, sharing stories is a genuine human ability which was, at least to my opinion, one of the most important skills that led to the development of civilization – besides making fire and using tools, of course. But where would we be today, if the guy who made the first fire and that other one who invented the first tool, booth could not have shared their stories with their tribes?

I call my thing: communication. Yes, it has to do with writing, being creative and telling stories. But there’s more to it. Communication starts with listening. It starts with being truly open to another person’s point of view. It starts with empathizing and trying to understand another person’s emotions.
I love listening to others people’s stories. And I love to tell stories, my own as well as those of others.
Communication is both: my purpose and my greatest passion.

What’s your thing?
You know: I’d love to listen to you.

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